About the UCC

Our denomination, the United Church of Christ (UCC), is a union of Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church. Democratic decision-making resides in the autonomous, local congregations with each church writing its own covenant, constitution and bylaws. The ordained clergy are our spiritual leaders, but the congregation has responsibility for the focus, direction and work of the church through its boards, committees and general membership. UCC members number over 1,200,000 people nationwide.

The UCC acknowledges as its sole head, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour. It acknowledges as kindred in Christ all who share in this confession. It looks to the Word of God in the Scriptures, and to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, to prosper its creative and redemptive work in the world. It claims as its own the faith of the historic Church expressed in the ancient creeds and reclaimed in the basic insights of the Protestant Reformers. It affirms the responsibility of the Church in each generation to make this faith its own in reality of worship, in honesty of thought and expression, and in purity of heart before God. In accordance with the teaching of our Lord and the practice prevailing among evangelist Christians, it recognizes two sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.

For more information on the United Church of Christ (UCC), view the UCC website at http://www.ucc.org/.


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