WELCOME TO TRINITARIAN CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, a place where you can grow, explore, and express your faith. Our congregation is theologically diverse. In our midst are people from many religious backgrounds and traditions. What brings us together is the sense of having found a community of caring Christians who are one in their commitment to Christ and who share the values of faith, community and service to others.

Although some of us have been born into this denomination, many have chosen it. Here you can make a difference by getting involved and giving of your time, talents, skills and expertise. Our church thrives on volunteerism. Individual participation is essential to the church’s ministry, mission and well-being.

As a church, we are deeply committed to the spiritual and intellectual growth and nurture of each individual in our midst even as we are stretched and challenged by the questions we ask and the faith we embrace. In a complex world making many demands upon us, Trinitarian Congregational Church is dedicated to providing the necessary support, space and opportunities to grow in the Christian faith, develop a deepened sense of community and discover before God renewed lives of purpose and meaning. We invite you to visit our church and get to know us better through the many facets of our life together.

Drone Video Credit – Gardner Nash (December 2020)

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