Sundays at Trinitarian, everyone comes together to worship and join in communion with God. Those who lead harried and busy lives treasure this quiet, contemplative time — a chance to slow down, to worship and to bring concerns and issues into prayerful focus. The heart of the service is the sermon; our ministers seek to unlock God’s revelations and relate them to everyday lives.

Music is an integral part in our worship. The choral and instrumental offerings are drawn from a variety of liturgical traditions. Hymns and anthems are woven from scripture and sermon themes for the day. Congregational hymn singing is robust, and we are committed to teaching hymns to our children. Sunday service is always a call to listen and learn. One leaves centered and renewed, better able to live a Christian life in the upcoming week.


Join us for Sunday Worship Service at 10a for centering and renewal of the soul.
Join us for Sunday 10am Worship Service for the nurturing of your spirit through beautiful music and inspiring sermons that are relevant to your daily life.