Special Events

In addition to Church School classes, the following is a sampling of our events and other special days we offer throughout the Church School year …

Children’s Chapel – This special worship service is designed for children of all ages and takes place about once a month in the Parish Hall at 10:00am. We include all elements of worship such as candle lighting, hymns, scripture reading and a mini sermon. A special musical guest leads our hymns. Following this brief service, children are released to go to their Church School classes.

Kindergarten Bibles – Every fall we present the Kindergarten class with the Bible Storybook, A First Bible Story Book” written by Mary Hoffman. This beautifully illustrated picture book is geared for young audiences and shares fifteen special stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Children love to read and share these Bible stories with their families.

4th Grade Bibles – Also in the fall we present the 4th Grade Class with the Bible Story Book, Dorling Kindersley’s Children’s Illustrated Bible, during the 10AM service. This 320-page Bible storybook is beautifully bound and full of interesting Bible stories and artwork, including maps and color photographs of artifacts, plants, biblical places, animals, people, and architecture. These Bibles are presented to the class on the same day as they complete their study of communion and will celebrate this important sacrament with their families.

Angel Breakfast – The Angel Breakfast, a TriCon tradition, is a special time for our Pre-K’s and K’s. Held on the first Sunday of December prior to the 10AM service, children and their special adult guest, (parent, grandparent, babysitter), are treated to breakfast yummies, advent activities, a reading of the Nativity story, a performance of carol favorites by our Angel Choir and an Advent themed take home goodie bag.

5th and 6th Grade Candle Lighting – Members of the 5th and 6th Grades class are invited to share in the responsibility of lighting and extinguishing the candles during the 10AM service. This ritual is an important aspect of worship and has been for thousands of years. A special training session, which includes the symbolic meaning of candle lighting, takes place in October.

Christmas Story Hour – Children, ages four to eight, are invited the second Tuesday in December, to join our Senior and Associate Minister around the fireplace in the parlor for a reading of a special Christmas story. The evening will conclude with hot cocoa and Christmas cookies. While children are in the parlor, parents are invited to share in fellowship and Christmas treats in the Parish Hall! Children are welcome to wear their p.j.s!

Hosanna Singers – Hosanna Singers is open to Kindergartners through 4th Graders who like to SING! Vickie Wagner, our Music Director, offers several Hosanna Singer sessions throughout the year. Each session consists of four ½ hour rehearsals followed by a performance during the 10AM worship service.

4PM and 5:30PM Christmas Eve Pageants –3rd and 4th Grade children are invited to re-enact Tomie de Paolo’s “The Christmas Pageant” during our 4PM Christmas Eve worship service. 5th through 8th Grade children perform “Christmas Living Crèche” during the 6PM service. Roles for both pageants are chosen during class the first week of December with one rehearsal practice the Sunday afternoon prior to December 24th.

Easter Egg Hunt – Our annual Easter Egg Hunt, for children walking age to 4th Grade, takes place after the Easter 9AM service. Senior High Youth Groupers stuff the eggs, while our SEEKERS provide support to Mr. Easter Bunny during the event.

UNICEF Cake Walk Fundraiser – The last Sunday of October is dedicated to raising funds for UNICEF. Kids and adults alike are invited to participate in our CakeWalk, sponsored by our Church School, in the Parish Hall during Coffee Hour. One dollar buys a chance at winning a cake while playing a game similar to musical chairs. Cakes are donated by members of the congregation, with many baked by our SEEKERS Youth Group.

8th Grade Bibles – In preparation for Confirmation studies our 8th graders are presented with their own personalized copy of the New Revised Standard Version Bible in May. That morning, 8th Graders and their parents are invited to a special breakfast celebrating the class’s completion of our Church School program.

Field Day – In lieu of formal class, Church School is held on the Play Yard for a morning filled with fun activities and games in celebration of our year together exploring faith and what it means to be a Christian. Each year, Field Day activities are created around a specific theme to reinforce an area of study completed during the year. 


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