Rebuilding a school roof in Zimbabwe

UPDATE: New Roof Completed

Email received on 10/13/17


The words of Ezekiel 37 of the dry bones coming to life were made practical when TriCon assisted Southdown School to put to life again their three-classroom block now the best classroom block of the district.  Thank you TriCon Church for making this good looking school from what was an eye sore.  When the schools were opened in September we were able to collect a few dollars to buy paint so that our block may look like this.


From Rev. Fungayi Mutsumbei, Zimbabwe

Email received on 7/26/17
Dear Rev Bob Brown and TriCon,
I Reverend Fungayi, the minister of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, on behalf of Southdown community, would like to extend our greatest appreciation for your effort in love to put back to use our three classroom block at Southdown primary school. I therefore inform you that the rehabilitation process is finished and the children are back in the classes. The classes were first used by grade seven pupils on Monday, 24 July as they were writing their mid year examinations. The parents, school head and teachers, the traditional leadership and the responsible authority, UCCZ , would like to say THANK YOU. I am proud to let you know that the block is so far the best at the school in outlook and shape and it looks attractive.

Living a life of faith and hope 
Peace and love
Fungayi Mutsumbei 

Rev. Fungayi Mutsumbei/Southdown Primary School in Zimbabwe needs TriCon’s help!

Many of us at TriCon remember Fungayi Mutsumbei who came into our church lives as a seminary student at Andover Newton. Arriving from Chipinge Zimbabwe in the Fall of 2012 with little material belongings but a huge heart and a passion for returning to his country to serve the people of Zimbabwe, Fungayi immediately left an impression on all who met him. His gifts of love and compassion resonated with many of us at TriCon who had the privilege of getting to know him. In an act that demonstrates the depth of feeling towards him, members of the Youth Group, when they learned that he did not own a cell phone, got together and purchased one for him from their own personal funds. Despite our cultural, economic and life differences, our church gratefully received the gifts of Fungayi’s generous spirit.

Fungayi is now in need of TriCon’s help.

Fungayi is a pastor in a small town in Zimbabwe on the border of Mozambique. The mission school, called Southdown Primary School, serves 960 children from Zimbabwe and Mozambique (many of whom walk 2 1⁄2 hours a day to and from school) and is in desperate need of repair. Two months ago, the roof blew off the school exposing the three classrooms to the elements just as the country enters into its rainy season. The students now study outside under the trees until the weather makes it impossible for them to do so.

Through Reverend Bob Brown, who has stayed in contact, Fungayi has asked us to fund the roof repairs on a 3-room classroom block costing $3,500:

  • $1,500 – Trusts
  • $1,260 – Purlines
  • $40 – Wire nails
  • $200 – 20 bags cement @ $10 a bag
  • $500 – Carpenter

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at the monthly Mission Committee meeting, the committee unanimously agreed to fund these repairs out of the Mission budget. As the repairs progress over the next three to six months, the committee will continue to update the congregation on the progress and share photos of the final result.

We are kindly asking you to walk with us as we try to preserve the missionary efforts of bringing light to the whole world.
 Through the generosity of TriCon members and the Missions and Outreach program, we are so thankful that we can serve the children of Zimbabwe in this small, but important way.


More about Southdown Primary School – a mission of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. It was established in 1918 by the American board for world Missions in Rhodesia then Zimbabwe. It is situated East of Zimbabwe bordering Mozambique. Initially this school was cited into Mozambique, but due to the long distance of travel from Mt Selinda, which was their main operational center, they later relocated it on the Zimbabwean Mozambiquan border with its target being to serve Mozambiquan children. Today the school has 960 children and 830 of them are from Mozambique. They cross the border everyday coming to school. Some walk 2 1⁄2 hours coming to school and 2 1⁄2 going back home every day. The reason why they walk this long every day is because of the good reputation of mission schools in Zimbabwe and even in Rhodesian days. Their parents also walked this long walk to school and the value of their long walk was good education. This good education resulting in good life compelling parents wants their children to sacrifice too in order for their future to be bright.

Email from Rev. Fungayi to Rev. Bob Brown on March 1, 2017

The whole work will take 3 months at maximum.
 The school is for the United Church of Christ in Zim. It was set to educate the children of Mozambique when it was built but it is built on the Moz / Zim border and on the Zim side. 90% of the children are from Moz and some walk long distance to school.

The school is a UCCZ mission and it also services the community.
 The government pays the teachers while the rest of the responsibilities are for the parents. The UCCZ owns the school but they do not benefit any monetary gains from the school and that they do is giving service to the community by spreading education to all children for a better tomorrow. The headmaster with the help of the school development committee runs the school and I supervise the activities apart from the actual teaching. I will then report to the UCCZ synod. All things like books, school uniform, footwear, and other small needs to run the school and to be provided by the parents.

Getting money from banks in Zim is very difficult since we have a critical cash shortage, the easiest way to get money to us is through Western Union, they give you the money at one’s convenient time. The money can be sent through me at FUNGAYI MUTSUMBEI and I can collect it for the school. No cash will be given to the school, but I will pay and buy the services for the work since we do not want the school to be tempted to do other things with the money.



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