Children’s Ministry Program (PreK-8th Grade)

Our children are the next generation of faith, and we have both their physical safety and their spiritual health in mind. We offer opportunities for Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade children/youth and their families to grow in faith through learning about Who God Is through exploring our four pillars of Faith; Jesus, The Bible, Communion and Prayer while participating in fun, engaging and meaningful activities and discussion.

Children’s Ministry Programs (click on the title for more information):


*NEW* EXPLORING FAITH – for Pre-Kindergarteners – 4th Graders

*NEW* Voyagers; 5th Graders and 6th Graders

*NEW* SEEKERS; 7th and 8th GradeRS

Other Programming Events and Activities (Worship Activities, Family Get Togethers, Parent Worshops…)

Quick Glance at Safety

NOTE: We are keeping abreast of public health updates and will modify our safety protocol if necessary.

While indoors we ask that everyone wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, to protect those most vulnerable including younger children who are not yet eligible to receive the vaccine.

Everyone participating in children and youth programming must be vaccinated.

Hand sanitizers are available throughout the property.

Windows will be open during indoor programming spaces.

Please contact Children’s Ministry Director Carrie O’Brien, at if you have any questions or would like more information about Children’s Ministry.