Christian Education

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Children’s Ministry (Nursery-8th Grade)

Senior High School Youth (9th-12th Grade)

Adult Small Groups

Children’s Ministry Mission Statement – It is our commitment to provide to every child in our program …

  • a foundation in Christian education including learning the components of worship, the stories of the Bible, the history of Christianity and what it means to be a member of our denomination, the United Church of Christ.
  • a foundation in the important faith traits such as generosity, responsibility, courage, joy, stewardship and humility so that they will naturally include them to their daily lives.
  • opportunities to serve others through participation in activities of our faith community and programs outside our community.
  • a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow with other children and supportive and caring adults.

The Children’s Ministry (Nursery-8th Grade) is administered by Carrie O’Brien, Children’s Christian Education Director.

Our Christian Education Classes for Pre-Kindergarteners through 8th Grade follows the Concord public school calendar.  During non-Church School Sundays, we encourage families to worship together as it is important for children to become familiar with the community, rituals, components and flow of worship.

NURSERY – Each Sunday throughout the year we offer childcare in our Nursery for children under age three. On non-Church School Sundays children up to age five are welcomed in the nursery.

We offer a separate Senior High Youth Group program that meets on Sunday evenings, as well as Adult Education opportunities.

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You might be asking…are there opportunities for me to help out? Why yes, and we are counting on it! Our cooperative format continues with a variety of opportunities for all registered families to participate in programming. For those interested in teaching, but don’t feel qualified, we will again be offering plenty of support in the way of a mentoring program, lots of teacher resources and the availability of the Director of Christian Education, our Church School Liaison Committee and clergy. When we all get involved, our program takes on a richer culture and brings us together in community and spirit.

We are a Safe Church and require all volunteers to have a current and up to date CORI and safe church status.

If your family is new to our program, please contact our Children’s Christian Education Director, Carrie O’Brien, to provide registration information.

Carrie O’Brien, Children’s Christian Education Director
Phone: (978) 369-4837 ext. 240