Bible Study ~ The Gospel of Luke



TriCon’s Bible Study provides an opportunity for us to gather together in order to better understand, experience and learn from the books of the Bible.  Through reading and discussion we aim to grow in faith, create community and more fully enhance our personal relationship with God.  Over the past year we have studied Mark and Matthew.  We will next read the Gospel of Luke.  Each session begins with prayer.  As a group we then read two chapters before discussing the feelings, impressions, ideas and beliefs that these chapters engender.

Bible Study resumes Labor Day Monday, September 7.  Bible Study will run for 12 consecutive Monday evenings and we finish Luke mid-November.  Each session is 75 minutes long and begins at 7:00 pm.  As you know, the church remains closed.  Therefore, we meet via Zoom.  You do not need to register, sign-up or commit to the entire program.  Instead you are welcome to participate as often as you are able and whenever you wish.  The Bible Study group has shown itself to be supportive and nonjudgmental.  All perspectives are welcome and there is no doubt that your participation will add insight and perspective.  We would be delighted if you were to attend.

Contact Otto Judicke: or 978-287-4845.

For the Zoom Link and questions, contact Ellen Quackenbush:

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