Senior High Youth Group Mission Trip

2018 Youth Group Mission Trip 
February 2018

About Mission Trips:

Each year, senior high youth participate in a week long mission trip scheduled over the February or April public school vacation week. Past trips have been to Miami, Biloxi, Puerto Rico, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Kentucky, New Mexico, Jamaica and West Virginia to work on projects for those in need due to poverty or natural disaster.

When you sign up for the Mission Trip, you are agreeing to attend all the preparatory meetings and participate in the Mission Trip worship service when we return. Each participant will also have responsibility for participating in some fundraising leading up to the trip.  

2017 Youth Group Mission Trip 
Black Mesa, AZ (Navajo Nation)
April 15-22, 2017

In February of 2014, the Youth Group Mission Trip visited the Navajo Nation in Crownpoint, New Mexico. While there, we served a proud people in a stunning landscape. For our 2017 trip, we have chosen to visit a different part of the Navajo Nation.

Black Mesa is located in the high desert of northwestern Arizona, between the Grand Canyon and Four Corners National Monument. It is rural, with the closest city being Flagstaff, AZ, about 150 miles away. And it is mountainous, ranging from 5000 to over 8000 feet above sea level. It is believed that the Navajo, Hopi, and Apache have populated the area for over 7000 years.

There is no doubt that the need is great. Because a lack of economic development, unemployment among the Navajo is very high. Further, alcoholism and drugs are severe issues. Many of the older people do not speak English, and their children are often unemployed or have moved away, so there is a great need to care for the elderly. For some it is a struggle to keep adequate food and nutrition, and proper home maintenance is at times unattainable. Often Navajo live in trailers that were poorly constructed and have been used far beyond their adequate functionality. Many houses and trailers are structurally unstable or leaking, creating a need for improved living conditions.

Every year when deciding on a Mission Trip location, I put a great deal of faith in our host organizations. On more than one occasion, it has led to a profound lack of sleep over the weeks before departure. This is our third year with Experience Mission, and they have served us very well, supplying meaningful work, moderate comfort, good nourishment, and most importantly great opportunities to interact with those that we serve. Experience Mission has been very honest with us about the Black Mesa location in that it is very rural. Fresh drinking water will always be available, but there is little running water in the church where we will be staying. This means the outdoor showers may not be usable, depending on the weather. It means we will be using outhouses. It means that our basic comfort will take a little bit more effort and a lot more flexibility on all of our parts. Having led these trips for over a decade, I have developed tremendous faith in us, and I know that we will rise to meet these challenges.

Finally, the Mission Trip is open to all high-schoolers, whether your families are members of the congregation or not. However, we do require that all applicants actively participate in the life of the church. To be specific, you must attend Sunday night Youth Group or Wednesday night Discussion Group at least once per month. If you are unable to do this, you can participate in other ways, such as volunteering in the church on Sunday mornings (church school, usher, choir…). We can not accept applications from those who are unable or unwilling to make this commitment. In addition, all participants must attend all the pre and post trip meetings. The schedule is attached.

The participant cost for the 2017 Mission Trip is $1100 for those that financially contribute to the church and $1800 for those that do not. Applications, along with a $100 non-refundable deposit, are due by October 23.

2017 Mission Trip Schedule



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2016 Youth Mission Trip – Webster Springs, WV

The 2016 Youth Group Mission Trip was to
Webster Springs, WV
February 13-20

VIDEO – Click HERE to view Rev. Bob Brown’s video shown at the MT Dinner with memories from the 2016 Youth Group Mission Trip to Webster Springs, WV 
SLIDESHOW – Click HERE to view photo slideshow that was shown at the MT Worship Service on 2/28/16
You can view more photos on our FACEBOOK album.
REFLECTIONS (click on files below for audio of individual reflections)

Photos from past Youth Group Mission Trips:



 Please contact Nick Bruning, Youth Group Leader, at email: or cell #978-618-1629 with any questions regarding Youth Group or the Youth Group Mission Trip.