To keep up with our congregational progress on the Evolve 2017 process, refer to the Transition Timeline below.

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 11/12/17 Update:

We are now in the phase of Evolve 2017 during which the Transition Team and the Search Committee intentionally overlap in their meetings to articulate the Vision and Priorities, which will guide the search for senior ministerial leadership. Many of you have written your names upon each day of November as persons who will especially pray for them in this goal. If others of you wish to supplement them, feel free to add your names to the Vision Prayer Vigil poster in the Parish Hall.

Your Transition Team:

Jane Turner-Michael (Chair) – jturnermichael@gmail.com
Cynthia Schweppe – csdschweppe@gmail.com
Andrew Thut – andrew.thut@gmail.com
Charity Tremblay – catremblay53@gmail.com
Nick Bruning – nbruning@triconchurch.org
Jean Vandergrift (Interim Minister) – revdrjvandergrift@triconchurch.org

Click on email to contact a Transition Team member directly.


Your Search Committee:

Matthew Boger
Loretta Filipov
Michele Forinash
Paul Mahoney
Ellen Quackenbush
Prescott Stewart
Jane Turner Michael
Peter Bruning (Youth representative)


Transition Team

Search Committee